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Malaysia II Day 3: Christmas Eve in KK

Merry Christmas Eve! The day started with some more laska – take out from a local store with more papaya and ciku. We then all tried on our traditional kadazan dresses/shirts in preparation for Saturday. We had some local curry puffs and steamed buns before heading to visit one of Aaron’s cousins and her newborn. She is in confinement right now, which means she is not to leave her house for 1 month after the birth of her baby. I’m not sure of the real “reason” for this. I’ve heard that it acts as a way for the mom to “recover” after the birth of her baby. I’ve also heard it’s just tradition – there is no rhyme or reason. We got the chance to meet her newborn and toddler before heading to fight traffic again. We had to pickup some more items for the celebration on Saturday but I wasn’t feeling too well, so my “shopping” experience consisted mainly of me sitting outside stores waiting. Then I suddenly was presented with the urge to void which is presents with 2 challenges: 1. I didn’t have change to use the public toilets, 2. I was deathly afraid of using squatties. I managed to find Aaron for change and was pleasantly surprised there were normal toilets to use. It still amazes me that no matter how nice an establishment is whether it is a nice hotel or modern mall, the washrooms are still not clean compared to North American standards. It was a quiet Christmas Eve for me as I just slept for the rest of the night since I wasn’t feeling too well. 

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