St. Martin/St. Maarten

SXM Day 7: Mullet Bay – St. Maarten – Toronto – Ottawa

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Nice start to the day by having breakfast at “Zee Best” breakfast place on the island. Aaron definitely fell for the marketing efforts re: have a champagne with breakfast for Valentine’s Day with some mimosas. I had the banana almost croissant french toast whereas Aaron opted for the Huevos Rancheros. Maybe we’ve been spoiled by Ottawa’s amazing brunch spots because we were not blown away. 

We took advantage of our last day here by hitting up once last beach before we go – Mullet Bay. The waves were intense here today and I almost got swept away while getting sand-blasted. The weather has been nothing but perfect since we got here. Even the bit of spitting today was more refreshing than anything. 

We return to the condo to get all cleaned up and to pack up only to run into the cleaning lady for the condo who showed up earlier than expected. We felt so bad as brought in a hurricane of sand with the nicely cleaned place. Sorry Linda! You’re awesome for cleaning up after us! 

The trip must not end without a travel sandwich in the car from “Zee Best Bakeshop" by a great spot between the sandwiched (no pun intended) between Cole Bay Bridge and airport. Again, this brings me back to our European travels where we would often by a delicious sandwich to eat on the trains during our travel days. 

The time has come to return our car and head to the airport. Aaron was sad to leave his nature habitat in the sun, on an island. While awaiting our delayed flight (coming from Toronto – oh the cold weather is slowly inching it’s way back into our lives…), we proceeded to do some of the most enjoyable things for us in life – Aaron: enjoying a drink and looking out the window (wishing he was outside) and myself: travel blogging. We board our first Air Canada Rouge plane with a pretty high-tech entertainment system – most specifically a wifi-empowered, use-your-own-electronic-device-so-we-can-save-on-overhead-system, only to find out that the app is required for this is work. I did not have the Air Canada app on my ipad and I decided that it was not a good idea to watch an entire movie on my phone. We finally arrive in Ottawa, greeting us with -40 degrees C weather, and that marks the end of our 2 week adventure in warm paradise.

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