St. Martin/St. Maarten

SXM Day 5: Anguilla – Grand Case

It’s party boat day on the “Heineken Catamaran” to the nearby island of Anguilla! The wind was not ideal for sailing so our captain had to use the motor but it was still a very enjoyable ride with good company, a nice view of St. Martin/St. Maarten, snacks, rum punch and of course, Heineken.  They’ve held our sandals hostage, so off the boat we hop with our bare feet onto a bus to Shoal Beach. The bus driver was apparently really funny and gave an overview of the island but I cannot confirm that as I was fast asleep on the nice bumpy ride. We arrive at Shoal Bay – THE beach of Anguilla. And had some time to beach bum for a bit before diving into some delicious Caribbean BBQ. Amazing. I ended up skipping the snorkelling bit as the waters were not optimal and other travellers and Aaron confirmed that it was not worth wading around in murky water. Time flies when you’re having fun as it was time to hop on the bus again. Again, I took another nap. Sounded like everyone else had fun as I heard a stream of laughter in-and-out of sleep. I believe I have paid back my 15 hour slept debt from the crazy wedding anxiety the week before. 

The best part of the day was when some of the passengers decided to jump off the front of the boat for a nice swim before it was time to head home. Definitely a YOLO moment! It was such a nice ride back. The wind was picking up, so we finally got to use the sail and not rely on the motor!  We sadly disembarked the boat and headed our separate ways.

For us, it meant going home for hot tub time. Third time’s a charm as the temperature was finally perfect at 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Yay! Then it was time to pretty up for a nice dinner in Grand Case – THE food place in St. Martin. Aaron meticulously picked out “Bistro Caraibes” from the many great choices available. It was fine dining at its best with lobster thermidor and sea scallops accompanied by some complimenting Chablis. We ended with a hot chocolate cake and a very strong ginger-rum aperitif.

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