St. Martin/St. Maarten

SXM Day 4: Orient Bay

Another day = another chance to eat some good food! Rise and shine as we head off to “Sunset Bar” once again to grab some breakfast. Aaron slowly eased into food again and he seemed to be doing ok after some Tums and Pepto Bismol. 

After a quick stroll to the airport, we rented a car and got ourselves a full sized vehicle since they didn’t have any compact cars left! It was a cute “Terios”, which even the Car-Snob has not heard of. Uncertain whether renting was a good idea or not, we quickly discover that it was very worth the investment as the freedom to roam the island was well worth it. 

First stop – Orient Bay! After some crazy island traffic, we make it to the other side of the island at the beach of all beaches. The long stretch of beach was subdivided into small sub-beaches with a restaurant/bar in front of each part. We lounged for a bit at Bikini Beach, then decided to listen to our tums and grab some sushi. We matched the picture in our guidebook to the sea of red umbrellas on the beach and found “Kontiki”. It was an interesting sushi meal where it started with some bread and was accompanied with some rum punch or “Planteur” as they call it here. After some food, it’s back to lounging on some beach chairs once again. We decided to get up and walk along the entire length of the beach for a bit before heading back. 

With Aaron’s health improving, so are the facilities. The hot tub is hot!! But maybe a little too hot. The scalding temperature can only be endured for so long. So we decided to clean up and get ready for some dinner! We head to Simpson Bay where restaurants are abundant. After some Foursquare-ing, we decided on "Pineapple Petes” or “Caribbean Peté” as Aaron randomly calls it. Aaron’s appetite is back at full force as he orders three delicious appetizers: conch fritters, coconut shrimp and crab-stuffed shrimp. I just kept it simple and had some salmon lasagne as recommended by Foursquare users – equally delicious! At the same time, we enjoyed some nice covers of songs originally by artists such as Jason Mraz – our favourite 🙂 What a nice way to end the night!

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