St. Martin/St. Maarten

SXM Day 3: Maho Bay

Poor Aaron got violently sick last night. It would have been not that bad but the vomiting definitely aggravated his query fractured ribs (from being tossed in the air by during our photoshoot). A vacation is not the same when we are not able to eat to our hearts content. Today’s menu (for Aaron at least): Breakfast – toast with watermelon. Lunch – ice cream, coke and water. Dinner – plantain chips. Let’s all take a minute to say our goodbyes to a day of lost food opportunities.

We managed to make our way to our second accommodation, this time on the dutch side, St. Marteen, which was an amazing condo located right in front of the airport with 3 beds, 3 baths and an outdoor hot tub. We briefly made our way to infamous Maho Bay where we saw youtube videos of planes taking off and landing right beside the beach. After joining in for some plane-watching, we took a lunch break at the “Sunset Bar” where the atmosphere was definitely more lively than when we were at Nettle Bay.

We head back home, where Aaron got some rest and I soaked in the cold hot tub and super slow filling jet bath, which I could not get to work. Our night ended with a non-existent dinner consisting of plantain chips, while passing out in front of the TV watching “50 first dates”.

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