St. Martin/St. Maarten

SXM Day 2: Nettle Bay – Marigot

What a nice feeling to finally wake up at a decent hour and not having to worry about last minute wedding details! We took advantage of this to take our time to get ready and headed off to enjoy some in-house hot breakfast in front of the ocean. We then took a nice morning stroll around the resort and got ready to hit the beach! Nettle Bay was literally across the street so we lounged there until we decided we needed to get some food again. “Dreams Restaurant and Bar” was conveniently located on the beach but I was not impressed by the less-than-friendly service on this “Friendly Island”. The food was tasty and portions were generous but there was a price to pay. Definitely one of the more expensive lunches I’ve ever had. It doesn’t help that the currency used on the French side of the Island is based on the Euro.

We head back after lunch and took a dip in the pool. It was quite refreshing and quiet as everyone was probably out to explore one of the 37 beaches available to them on this island. We clean up, dress up then headed to the capital of the French side, Marigot, for some more delicious food. When on an island, all I want to eat is seafood, so seafood feast it is! We arrive at “Marina Royale” where we were bombarded with solicitation. It brings me back to when we went to Portugal, where the restaurant owners were proactively showing us their menus and offering us free drinks and “good tables”. We finally decided on “Le Galion” where they had a seafood platter with salmon, tuna, mahi mahi, red snapper, grouper and shrimp all in one delicious plate. The “welcome drink” was a cocktail of some sort but we had to have some white wine and non-tap water, bringing me back once again to Europe where water is no longer free. We started with some escargot and ended with some apple tart (90% apple, 10% tart) with vanilla ice cream. The aperitif was served in a skullhead-shaped container and tasted like some kind of sweet vodka. With our more-than-full stomachs, we head home.

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