St. Martin/St. Maarten

SXM Day 1: Cancun – Miami – St. Maarten

After a whirlwind of a morning trying to pack everything up after our wedding celebrations from the day before, we quickly say our goodbyes to our lovely guests who were patiently waiting for us at the lobby. It was a bittersweet moment as we leave these wonderful people onto another place of paradise.

The flight was unremarkable with a transfer in Miami, with a million customs, booths, electronic booths and security. It left us with just enough time to divulge in some comforting Pizza Hut before we board our plane to St. Maarten!

We arrive in the evening in St. Maarten (Dutch side) with a simple transfer to the mini resort & spa in St. Martin (French side) that Aaron organized. The “taxi” ride was interesting as it was basically a shared van. We were dropped off last as our pronunciation of “Mercure Resorts & Spa" was less-than-perfect. As it was quite late when we arrived, we quickly rushed to the resort restaurant and asked for some food to go before they closed. They decided for us that it’s best to have some chicken caeser salad at this time and we topped that with some mojitos. The view and atmosphere was too nice to give up so we stuck around the restaurant instead of heading back to our room to eat.

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