Costa Rica

Costa Rica Day 12: Santa Teresa (Malpais)

Aimes and I woke up early today to grab some groceries to prepare breakfast at our nice kitchen in our villa. On our menu is scrambled eggs, toast, chopped fruits, cheese, and coffee. We then relaxed/read on our porch and some of us when into town and bought the final addition to our bracelets! We then received some deep tissue massages on the front porch of our villa while listening to the crashing waves. This was definitely more enjoyable than the massage in La Fortuna. It was either the perfect use of aromatherapy or the fact that we were right in front of the beach. Next we headed to The Bakery for some sandwiches and refreshing drinks close to Playa Carmen. We managed to get to Playa Carmen just in time for the sunset. We then enjoyed the sunset one last time at the beach in Costa Rica. We headed back to our villa then had some drinks at the beach by the campfire and under the stars. We then dipped one last time in the pool at our villa before making some grill cheeses with avocado since we did not really have the chance to eat dinner tonight. All this talk about last time doing things here definitely makes us think we will really miss Costa Rica. We then sat down and planned our journey back to San Jose tomorrow.

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