Costa Rica

Costa Rica Day 9: Nosara

We woke up early today for a morning swim at the beach before the sun gets too unbearably hot. It was a very nice way to start off the day especially since we just lay on the beach after to dry off. We then realized we had no way to tell time so we resorted to looking at the height of the sun in the sky to tell us it is already noon so we probably should go grab lunch and stay off the beach. We then headed into town and grouped our limited cash we brought to the beach for some brunch. At the cafe, we met a nice lady who told us that it is actually only 10:30. I guess our technique of using the sun to tell time is not the most reliable. Since it was still so warm out, we stayed at the cafe for a while and reminisced a little about our trip to date. We decided the best part of trip was ziplining. Our favourite breakfast was the homemade one on the porch of the owners of Cerro Azul in La Fortuna. Our favourite dinner was at Soda Viquez in La Fortuna. And our favourite drink was the refreshing pineapple basil/mint drink we were greeted with at Monteverde Rustic Lodge. Finally, our favourite guide was Marvin. We then went back to the hotel and spent some more time in the pool, followed by some coffee by the poolside. We then headed back go our porch to relax, decided on where to go for dinner, and wrote some postcards. We then were disappointed that most of the restaurants were closed because it is Sunday. So we had half an hour to eat at Bagelman’s again before they closed. We then headed back to the hotel to prepare for our turtle watching expedition. During our wait, we had the chance to chat with one of the owners and asked her about how she met her current husband. She smiled, pulled over a chair, sat down and then began telling us their very romantic love story. We felt like little girls as we quietly sat on our beds listening to this tantalizing story between a Colombian beauty and Swiss gentleman. Shortly after, our shuttle arrived to go to Playa Ostional. There, we were told to that there was only one turtle on land tonight because it isn’t the right season (arribata). Our original disappointment quickly disappeared as we grew attached our one turtle who unfortunately did not succeed in laying eggs, most likely due to the fact that one of her flippers are injured probably by a shark. She attempted to dig two holes but eventually gave up, so we just sent her off on her way back to the sea. Being at the beach at night with little to no lighting was a very mystical experience. The lightning throughout the night also added to the atmosphere. On our way back home, it started to storm but we got safely back home and dried off to get ready for bed. As we were settling in, the power suddenly went out, which we took as a sign that we should probably call it a night.

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