Costa Rica

Costa Rica Day 5: Monteverde

We arranged for an early homemade breakfast again today to have enough time to get ready for our jeep-boat-jeep transportation to Monteverde. As we were getting excited about the benefits of a jeep over a shuttle, the owner’s daughter felt that the right thing to do was to break the news to us that the “jeep” portion of jeep-boat-jeep is loosely used and it is indeed only a van that we are taking. As we board our jeep turned van turned bus, we bid our farewell to the lovely owner, Alvaro, who kindly helped Romes fix her glasses this morning. Thanks to taking antiemetics before our trip I was able to be nausea free on the buses and boat. Unfortunately, I was too drowsy to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Oh well. As I always say, you win some and you lose some. Life isn’t perfect and it is ok. We arrived in Monteverde and was warmly greeted by our next host, José, with “mild” jokes about breakfast and delicious pineapple and basil drinks. We then walked into the town of Santa Elena for some lunch and to get some souvenirs. We finally got our first big rainfall since we got to Costa Rica. It was very heavy but didn’t last too long. Without further ado we went back to our hotel to book the night hike tour in hopes of it not pouring rain tonight. Our wishes came true and we had an amazing time at the night hike, where we learned a lot about the wildlife of rain/cloudforests. Apparently tarantulas mate with the male presenting a sperm pillow to the female. The male then must quickly run away in case the female decides to kill him. We also saw a strangling fig tree which destroys its host trees leaving its extremely tall roots encompassing a hollow centre. We also got overly excited when asked if we have heard of Chagas disease. We ended the night at a nice restaurant where we chatted with a premed student about the health care system in Costa Rica.

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