Costa Rica

Costa Rica Day 4: La Fortuna

We decided to sleep in today due to the early days we have been having for the last few days. We went into town and enjoyed some breakfast then we were all set to go ATVing. Unfortunately, we were unable to arrange a ATV tour today so we decided to take it easy and get some massages/facials instead. Having massages in the same room definitely brought our friendships to another level. But as Canadians the honour system prevails and all is good as no one (hopefully) peeked. The volcano massage was very appropriate while we are here near Arenal Volcano but the mud was extremely difficult to rinse off. The night ended with dinner and some delicious ice cream. Of special note was the rich coconut ice cream. Unfortunately they misunderstood my order and gave me the dulce de leche instead of the condensed milk flavour I wanted. Tonight is our last night here! I’m going to miss this town and its friendly people. We also said our farewells to the taxi driver who became our personal driver, Leo, as he dropped us off at our hotel.

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