Costa Rica

Costa Rica Day 2: La Fortuna

Our day started off early with a nice breakfast at the hotel. Then we were off to our next destination – La Fortuna. Our shuttle driver was very friendly and we got to our destination in no time (after a very nauseous car ride. I knew I should’ve brought some anti-emetics). We settled into our cute cabin then were off again to Catarata Rio Fortuna. The waterfall was another 480 steps down. It was too bad we didn’t bring swimsuits but dipping our feet in was still very refreshing. The weather was perfect today as we just relaxed at our cabin before heading off into town for dinner at a “soda”. It is basically a diner with very good and reasonably priced local food. We had the chance to try so much Costa Rican food and delicious fruit shakes. After picking up some snacks and groceries, we head back to our cabin and enjoyed our evening listening to the sounds of excited cicadas and some Spanish tunes!

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