Europe, Portugal

Europe Day 29: Salema – Lisbon

Second last traveling day. Time flies! We took our time this morning packing and eating breakfast. The owner of the hotel was kind enough to drive us to the bus stop to embark our long journey back to Lisbon.  Since I mentally prepared myself this morning for am extremely warm train ride to Tunes this morning,  I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t that bad. After beating both Cut the Rope lite and Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift, we are back in Lisbon. We settled into our first and only 4-star hotel on this trip then headed out to do some last minute souvenir shopping and went back to the lane we saw the other evening with lots of restaurants for dinner. I had chosen the scallops dish but somehow it turned out that I had order a beef/steak dish? Interesting. We then packed for our very last time for this trip and all crowded onto our king bed and watched some House.

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