Europe, Portugal

Europe Day 28: Salema

Looking forward to a relaxing day, despite my incapability to sleep in. We had a nice breakfast upstairs in the hotel where there was a nice view of the ocean, then we beach time! Next, we had a simple lunch and walked along the waterfront and played with rocks/sand. We then walked around the village to discover another isolated beach! Then we headed back for a break from the sun before heading out for dinner again. I had a sentimental moment as I thought about looking forward to going home but having to miss traveling with these girls. After some “awwing”, we found another restaurant recommended by Rick by the seaside. It was really chilly tonight so it was very thoughtful for the restaurant to provide is with blankets. After some waiting, our meal is served! Clam spaghetti, fish stew with more fish – Golden Bream! Their seafood is very fresh and tender and the spaghetti was very tasty. The stew would have tasted even better with rice to soak up the aroma of the soup. We decided to head back to the hotel for some egg tarts before we all turned into popsicles and I quickly fell asleep soon after.

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