Europe, Portugal

Europe Day 27: Lisbon – Salema

We woke up early today because we wanted to go to the more historical
non-earthquake affected side of town – Belem. We took the tram here
and visited the Monastery of Jeronimos. We were intrigued by the
electronic ticking sound meant to scare off pigeons. We then went to
THE Portugese egg tart place of Lisbon – Pateis de Belem! We had some
tarts there then had to buy more  to go! In preparation for our train
ride, we bought some hot lunches at the train station! I had beef,
mushrooms and rice with a side of greens! Best fast food meal on this
trip. Us being us, we had to make a great commotion before getting off
the train procrastinating and complaining about getting our backpacks
off the racks. Fortunately, some kind travellers helped us and smiled
at our craziness. Transfer train at Tunes (pronounced Tune-NESH)! We
were glad to get off the super warm transfer train to Lagos
(pronounced La-goSH). Here we had to take a bus to the little paradise
of Salema. Lagos itself is beautiful, with it’s breeze, palm trees and
lovely waterfront. It has been an exhausting travel day, so we all
rested for a bit once we got to the hotel. It made me realize how one
whole month of traveling can be fatiguing, albeit fun! Then off to
dinner at a seaside restaurant. The servers here are super friendly,
trying hard to get us a table even though we didn’t make a
reservation. One recognized us because we asked him directions to the
hotel before. We then had a delicious meal with grilled tiger prawns
and sea bass with a side of a beautiful ocean view! Poor Romo had to
stay in because she wasn’t feeling well but we got her some vegetable
soup and a sandwich – “appropriate” for her condition, as requested.

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