Europe, Portugal

Europe Day 26: Douro Valley – Lisbon

Our original plan to see the sunrise failed as we realized the sun rose from the other side of the house. Instead, we captured a beautiful image of the moon against the morning sky. After sleeping for a couple of hours more, we enjoyed some breakfast on the terrace one last time before we drove off again. Being all excited about reaching Porto efficiently, we ran into our first obstacle a few seconds into our trip as a truck was parked blocking the road. We were glad to have found a better (less nauseating) road to drive on after resolving this issue. During the car ride, we again reminisced about our trip by trying to go through the alphabet to name things we ate or saw on this trip. Other than having some difficulty with refueling the car, we managed to return safely and in a timely manner to the car rental place – props to Aimes! We grabbed some lunch then headed to the train station where we bought some train food – candy and Portugese ham-bun, which tasted a lot like the Chinese sausage buns. Then we were off to Lisbon! After some Tiny Towers and blogging, we were there! We then took the metro to Praca do Comercio – a beautiful plaza by the waterfront. We then settled into another nice and clean hostel then went on another search for good food. We tried some egg tarts here and were pleasantly surprised as this was the taste we were looking for – fluffy on the outside and eggy on the inside! Delicious! Then we went around uptown and found a restaurant specializing in Portugese chicken! Again, we need to give props to Rick because it was delicious – especially with the Piripiri hot sauce. We also tried the creme spinach which had a weird texture but I enjoyed the taste of it. The other girls would disagree. Then we walk back to the hostel enjoying the night view of Lisbon while being interrupted by some restaurant employees along the way to ask us to eat at their restaurants – a very different method of marketing as compared to the food service industry North America.

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