Europe, Portugal

Europe Day 24: Porto

I woke up an hour too early because I forgot about the time change. Good job. We started the day with a simple breakfast at the hostel. Then began our day of food and wine! We strolled the streets and markets of Porto trying different pastries and delicacies along the way. My favorite of which were the sausage I had during my craving for salty food and the fried sardines I had for lunch. We even managed to learn some Portugese along the way from this hilarious lady at the cafe. Next, we were off to a wine tasting tour. First, we went to the commercial exchange building to try some national wine from the different regions of Portugal, starting with a white, then rose and ending with 2 reds. Next, we walked over to the wine cellars stopping in front of the Douro River for some ice cream and appreciation. The tour of the cellar was brief but entertaining. Afterwards, we, of course, got to try some of their port wine which was utterly amazing. Because I love sweet wine, this type of wine is perfect for me! I do; however, still like Canadian ice wine more 🙂 After some more pastries and shopping along the riverfront, we find a nice mom and pops restaurant recommended by Rick. I especially liked the cabbage and potato soup and the octopus dish. Beware, however, of restaurant owners putting small dishes on your table then charging you for it. We then returned to the riverfront to end the night with a romantic night view.

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