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Europe Day 23: Madrid – Porto

Travel day! I will miss Spain since we’re just starting to get the hang of the culture and language. At the same time, I am relieved that my part of the trip is done! I can now pass on the torch to Aimes for the last leg of our journey – Portugal. Our chill morning consisted of an overpriced breakfast, some last minute packing, meeting an “attractive cleaning man” and an unremarkable commute to the airport. Giving ourselves lots of buffer for flight complications, we find out our flight is delayed and I am typing this part of the blog post as we are waiting in the airport for our flight. Good news though – time change! We get to gain one hour – yay! After a quick one hour flight, which I managed to sleep through most of, we arrive in the nicely mild climated Porto! At the luggage claim area, we notice we were probably the only ones there because the number of bags coming out was sparse. Without further ado, we hopped on the calmly paced light rail (especially as compared to the 300kmh speed trains we are used to) to get to the train station to deal with train tickets for the very last time! Then we headed to our hostel with no trouble since random people on the street offered us directions without us even having to ask. Of course, again, our first reaction was to assume they were yelling at us but later to find out they were actually trying to help us 🙂 The hostel was super cute and clean, so it was good for our first experience with hostels on this trip. Oh, and we finally got to do our much-past-overdue laundry! We even got it hang it on a clothes line outside, old school style. Under the recommendation of the nice lady at the reception, we headed to a nice bar for some interesting tapas and amazing Fado (Portugese folk music) to end the night. So good!

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