Europe, Spain

Europe Day 19: Seville

Woke up to an awesome buffet breakfast where I filled my tummy with a hearty meal due to my protein loving tendencies and since Spain is the land of pork! Time for some sightseeing! First stop, the Cathedral of Seville. What was once a mosque became a cathedral in the 1200s. It’s Giralda can be climbed up via one very long ramp, so that guards can get up on horsebacks. At the top, a nice view of the city can be seen. After some appreciating, we decide to break for some cold ginger ale, nachos and Spanish omelettes in a misted patio! So refreshing! Next stop, the Real Alcazar – a nice mansion with huge gardens! By this time, the heat was really getting to us, so we returned to the hotel for another failed siesta on my part but everyone else seems to have captured the essence of such a great practice. We slowly strolled along the streets for a nice long dinner before watching some flamenco. We found a restaurant with an awesome owner who taught us so much about Seville’s culture and food! We go to tick off some items on our food list and more. Menu for the night, a pork dish encompassing many different parts of a pig, a spicy version of gazpacho (Spanish cold tomato soup), fideua (a pasta version of paella) and some icy cold mojito! At the end he even gave us some toothpaste/mouthwash type liquid to clean our palates, which we were all suspicious of it when he poured this bright yellow solution in shot glasses. After taking some pictures with him and his crazy huge wine bottles, we headed off for some flamenco at a nearby bar. What appeared to be a sketch establishment turned out to be an laid-back, simple bar with flamenco performances! After such a culturally intense evening, we decide to call it a night! Buenas noches!

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