Europe, Spain

Europe Day 18: Tamariu – Seville

We wake up excited about a whole day of traveling. We later discovered that the reason for our excitement was because our only alone time is spent on public transportation so basically we were excited to not talk to each other. Don’t get me wrong, we still love spending time with one another but after spending 24/7 together it is always nice to have some alone time 🙂 We strolled downstairs to have some breakfast, checked out, then we are off again, tracing our steps back to Barcelona then on the train to Seville!

– Playful old men playing a joke on Romo and Sands by not letting them on the bus after they rushed off to use the washroom. Even the bus driver participated!
– Movies being played on the speed train between Barcelona and Seville.
– Knowing that there are very nice and selfless people out there willing to help complete strangers.
– Eating tapas for dinner at 11pm like true locals 🙂 We tried their fried fish today! And the calamari and young wine was delicious!

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