Europe, Spain

Europe Day 17: Tamariu

We again tried to sleep in and got up to a late breakfast provided by the hotel with the entire restaurant to ourselves. The rest of the day became a beach bum’s dream with lying on the beach then breaking for some drinks, returning to the hotel for a siesta (which everyone failed to accomplish except for Aimes), then back to the beach again for some chilling on the beach where we saw lots of naked babies and topless women, which we are all still trying to get used to seeing. For dinner we had some delicious calamari with some great grilled sardines with other unremarkable dishes. Compared to Corniglia, I definitely think Tamariu is more touristy and less personable, cute and friendly. I would give Tamariu acknowledgement; however, for having a beautiful beach with such nice clear water and in such close proximity to our hotel. We are all getting better at reading hand gestures and body language to understand others since people here aren’t as likely to speak English.

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