Europe, Spain

Europe Day 16: Barcelona – Tamariu

We allowed ourselves to sleep in today with our long day yesterday. We then packed as we will be off to our next destination today – Tamariu on Costa Brava! But before that, we had a nice sit-down brunch and shopped for some handmade goodies at some cute street stalls for a bit. It was then a 2 hour pleasant bus ride to Palafrugell interrupted by a semi amazing race moment as we rushed to buy return tickets, since we may not be able to in the little town of Tamariu. We were fortunate to have a friendly agent help us rush through our transaction which allowed us to get on the transfer bus without delay. This transfer bus ride was awesome given us 4 girls took over the entire coach to ourselves. After a rocky ride, we finally arrive in Tamariu! It’s a very tiny resort type village where it took us literally 30 seconds to find our hotel! After finding out the hotel owner probably had to wait for us to arrive in order to go home, we settled in, then bought some snacks to eat on the beach! Then beach time! After returning favour from a year ago of bandaging up our poor friend Aimes who cut her foot on the rocks, we find a nice place for some dinner. We got to try some Tisana, a type of sangria with champagne as the base. Good but not as amazing as the sangria we had on the first night in Barcelona (pronounced bar-the-lona with a lisp on the c).

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