Europe, Spain

Europe Day 14: Barcelona

I started off the day with a “Friends” moment when a naked guy walked out into the balcony of the building across from ours. One word – traumatized. To erase this image from my mind, we begin our journey to find some churros dipped in chocolate. Luckily for us, the man at the front desk knew exactly where to go to get some! This was the sweetest, richest breakfast I’ve ever had but it was so good! We then had a very chill day starting with some shopping and sightseeing on La rambla and around Barri Gothic. We then got our daily intake of fruits by drinking some delicious fresh fruit juice and enjoying some great street performances by artists who we later found out were from Italy. We originally hoped to go to the Picasso museum. Unfortunately, then line up was too long for us to handle, so we had a siesta at Parc de la Ciutaldella instead. We then casually wandered around La Barceloneta until it was dinner time, which according to Spanish time, should be around 9:30pm. We then had some paella and garlic shrimp at a restaurant again recommended by the man working at the front desk of our hostal (yes hostal, not hostel since they are different). This restaurant was huge! It took up the whole block! The owner was also super nice as he warned us to be careful about our bags before sending us off.

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