Europe, Spain

Europe Day 13: Barcelona

We woke up bright and early at 5am to do some last minute packing, ate breakfast and headed to the train station to catch our train to Spain – our next destination! We managed to spare ourselves from an amazing race moment today as we casually strolled into the station and onto our train! Good job, girls! Romo has now officially retired as coordinator and the pressure is now on me to make our stay in Spain as fun as it has been in the other two countries. On the train, I managed to catch up on this blog and did some reading of my lonely planet. I’ve tried so many times to read it before this trip but failed to. It makes way more sense to read it now as we get hyped up for Spain! We finally arrive in Spain and learnt from the past that we should get our train tickets to our next destinations first. We stood in awe as we discover that there was a wait time of 500 people! When we asked information, all they told us was it’s possible. So we decided to check-in to our hotel then checked out the other train stations to see if they sold long distance tickets, but we had no luck. Next, we return to the grand line up at the main station with our number – 862. At least it was 700something when we returned. Then it was finally our turn as we rushed up to the counter. The purchase was relatively painless. Next, we are on another mission to buy coach tickets to Tamariu which was also not too bad. Along the way, we saw their version of an Arc de Triompf and continued to learn how to speak Spanish with a lisp. We then embarked our journey to find good food and came across a nice tapas bar with delicious food for a good price. We were able to tackle at least 3 of the top 10 foods on my list – fried potatoes in spicy sauce, Galician octopus and sangria! Yum! We ended the evening wondering the busy streets and enjoying the lively atmosphere.

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