Europe, France

Europe Day 12: Paris

Happy Canada Day from Paris! Our celebrations were unremarkable as it consisted of Sands and I singing Oh Canada on the streets of Paris and Romo waving some flags around at the apartment. We did bump into a couple Canadians throughout the day but they were as enthusiastic as a log when we excitedly wished them Happy Canada Day 😦 First sight of the day – Moulin Rouge, which was basically a very sketchy part of town. Next, Balisque Sacre Couer, which according to Sands, provided a nice refuge for the girls of the Moulin Rouge. Along the way to the church, the little roads were filled with culture and music. We then moved on to do some shopping at Quatre Temps in the region of La defense, the modern business area of Paris juxtaposing the other more historical areas we’ve been used to. Even the food court is especially fancy, as I was warned that it is “forbidden” to take pictures there. Interesting? The mall was packed as if it was boxing day in Canada, so after a few hours of this craziness, we had to go home. We grabbed some donairs at a place near the apartment where we met the friendly owner and got to practice speaking some French. We then headed home to clean up the apartment because we will be leaving tomorrow morning. I’ll miss you, Paris!

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