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Europe Day 11: Paris

Breakfast – pain au chocolat aux amandes with café au lait! This was a match made in heaven with the sweetness of the pain au chocolat complementing the bitterness of the coffee. While we sat eating breakfast and people watching, since the seats of all Parisian cafes are conveniently place to face the road – perfect for people watching. We discussed how we should write a book on Italian pistachio gelato and Parisian croissants since we’ve tried these from so many different places. First sight of the day – Notre Dame, where we met another, not so friendly lady. Romo doesn’t understand why people waste time being rude when they can just spend the same effort to answer others’ questions. I agree. Be a little nicer – its good for you 🙂 That aside, we then strolled the streets towards the Louvre and had some freshly made crepes for lunch! Yum! Despite my well-known disinterest for museums, the Louvre managed to amaze me. The magnificent exterior with the modern interior – it’s truly jaw dropping. We also decided to tackle our visit like a scavenger hunt by focusing on the main pieces of the museum. According to our France coordinator, Romo, it will take 9 months to look at every piece of art in this museum! Even with our strategy, it took us 4+ hours to hit all the key pieces. Excitement built as we prepare for our picnic under the Eiffel Tower! Meeting up with some friends who live in Paris, we were led to a nice grass field with an amazing view of the tower! We, ourselves, began to be an attraction for some people as they walked by us with our picnic spread 🙂 Even locals were impressed by us. We stayed there and just appreciated until the tower started sparkling with lights. Having a front row view of the tower, we probably photobombed a lot of pictures taken by other tourists. If that’s one of you – we’re sorry – especially when we had to wave out our picnic sheets! Romo and I then bought some much longed for sunhats from a friendly, albeit distracted vendor.

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