Europe, France

Europe Day 9: Paris – Deauville

After grabbing some oh-so-buttery croissant for breakfast, we head off on our train adventure. We decided to just take the train to somewhere close today, since Tuesday is not a good day to go to sights since Versailles would be very busy and the Louvre is closed. We had no idea what trains are available and where we wanted to go to, so we just spoke to the agent. Fortunately, she was very kind and gave us many options given our odd request. At the end, she helped us book a train to Deauville. We have decided that they probably chose the nicest people in France to work at the eurail counter because they are so nice and helpful! We had some time to burn before our train so we decided to go to Gare de Lyon, where there is this magnificent cafe according to the person we rented our apartment from, since he appears to think that going here is more important than going to Nice. We quickly grabbed lunch (not at that cafe though because it would have cost us an arm and a leg), then we had an extended amazing race moment as we tried to metro to the right station, find the train station, and find the platform to catch train which we happened to be in time for. The train ride was nice with AC and giving me time to update my blog. As soon as we got off the train at Deauville, we knew we made the right choice since we were finally able to escape the heatwave of Paris! Originally looking for the tourism office, we ended up just wandering and finding the beach! We walked along the beach for a while then did some shopping making Romo and Aimerz very happy. I also felt very French strolling along the streets with a sweater around my neck. Before leaving this beautiful town, we sat down for some delicious mussels and fries! Alas, we arrive at a train station without an amazing race moment with minutes to spare. On the train, we managed to all get some snooze time in despite being blessed with many nights of good sleep. I can only smile as Jason Mraz’s “Sleep all day” begins playing on my iPod. Then it’s home we go to get ready for an early morning tomorrow.

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