Europe, France

Europe Day 8: Paris

After freshening up on the train, we arrive in heat-strucken Paris . Next, we decided to figure out our France trains ASAP. Unfortunately, we ran into many problems including a lady who overtly tried to budge in front of us and the service agent who obviously didn’t want to help us since she just repeated the same phrase for every question we asked her. We then went to the apartment that we will stay at for the next few days. It’s beautiful! So French on the outside yet so modern on the inside! It even has it’s own washing machine and dryer! Finally, we can do laundry! I also got to finally upload my blog posts after being wifi-less for the past few days. We then went to another train station to figure out tickets. Here we received help from a very friendly agent. In contrast to our first one, he tried very hard to help us work something out. In the end, we were able to get a train to Barcelona from Paris. The only downer is that we will have to miss Nice, which is ok in the grand scheme of things considering we went able to extend our rent at the apartment and cancel our booking in Nice. So it all worked out! At the train station, we noticed a lot of officers and military personnel who always seem to be in groups of 3 for some reason. After eating some Croque-Monsieur in the suffocating heat of Paris, we decided to do some grocery shopping since we’ll be staying in Paris longer than expected. I also got to fulfill my lifelong dream to carry a baguette around along the streets of Paris. We ended the day with a cute French picnic on le Pont des Arts, the perfect place to just chill with some locals and some awesome street performers.

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