Europe, Italy

Europe Day 3: Rome – Corniglia

Our day was off to a good start with us being super efficient in the morning, hoping to go visit Vatican city. We arrived and joined a guided tour of the museum and chapel. Unfortunately the promotor asking us to join the tour has blatantly lied to us in terms of what we will see on the tour which served as a warning to us for the future. We then had to pick up lunch, rush back to the bnb to thank the owner, grab our stuff then rushed to the train station. On the way, we laughed so much about how we would all look like turned over turtles if we all fell down with our huge backpacks. At the train station we had an amazing race moment where we were just rushing around trying to find our platform. Suddenly a kind man came up to us and said, “ what are you doing?” then walked us all the way to our platform. After a 4 hour ride filled with power naps, water bottles flying all over the place and yummy panini we arrive at La Spezia. Then we transferred to another train to Corniglia – one of the villages of Cinque Terre. On our train, we lost our bag of apples we bought in Rome and us being us, we made it seem like a huge disaster. Of course an Australian tour guide overheard and laughed at us for a while but it was a good icebreaker. Once we arrived at Corniglia, we settle into our awesome apartment with our own veranda and cute kitchen. We then went to the market to replace our lost apples at the market. We then went to the restaurant with the best view in town. The view was so nice we had to pay a cover charge for it, but it was worth because the risotto was delicious here. It is also here where we met the owner of the restaurant who we thought was the ex-mayor of the town. We will see more of him later on our trip. We then met a nice couple at the Marina on their 30th anniversary then went home to have some cantaloupe and some interesting lemon wine – lemoncino.

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