Europe, Italy

Europe Day 2: Rome

Because of jetlag and super jetlag for Romo and I having to switch into 2 different time zones. We all slept in so much that the owner of the bnb came in hoping to clean our room being shocked that we were still in bed. We decided then that it’s probably a good idea to get up and start our day. Lunch – pizza! The personal size pizzas here are huge albeit thin. Still couldn’t finish one to myself though. Next stop – colosseum. I still find it amazing how you can walk out of a metro stop and see a grand ancient architecture right in front of your eyes. It’s truly awesome! Into the colosseum we go and our Italian coordinator did a great job of learning and teaching us the history behind it. Good job Sans! Because I was very dehydrated to the point where I can only focus on people’s water bottles, we decided to get some “very cold water” aka iced water bottles! Best thing ever and made my day. Next we explored Palatine Hill in the blazing sun then headed over to the Pantheon where we discovered that the roof is open and it has holes on the ground to drain rain. Interesting. After enjoying the performance of a marching band which did not march, to Sans disappointment, we headed over to Plaza Navona – a grand and extremely beautiful plaza filled with artists from breakdancers to spray paint artists to portrait artists and musicians! Was so happy when one played a beautiful guitar version of “wonderful tonight”. Appreciated for a bit more before heading across the bridge to a local area where we had dinner at a delicious yet affordable meal to end our evening.

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