Europe, Italy

Europe Day 1: Rome

After a restless flight and having watched the very relevant movie “The Tourist”, Romo, Aimes, Sanzors and I arrive in Rome. After leaving the plane off stairs like VIPs, we arrive at an intense scene. The “lineups” at immigration was just a crowd. We managed to eventually get across asian style to begin our journey at our first destination. After a while of walking and being confused, we got train tickets to bring us into the city of Rome. Along the way, we got the opportunity to appreciate seas of big italian dandelions aka sunflowers and Italian graffiti, which Sanzors was especially fond of. After arriving at the city and settling down at our very cute and homey bnb, we went off to explore the city. First stop – gelato! One word – yum. We failed in gelato eating though because we got it all over ourselves. Oh well, we have lots more opportunities to perfect this skill in the land of gelato! Next – Spanish steps. It was truly beautiful and filled with tourists, locals and very persistent street vendors. We have yet to find out why it is Spanish though. Next stop, Romo’s life goal #1a – Trevi fountain! It is here we took pictures, made wishes, tossed coins, and simply appreciated. We could have spent all night there but decided it’s time to fill our stomachs before we call it a night. Love how most restaurants have patios on the street although it was scary at times how close the cars were to us.

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