Asia, China

China Day 5: Hengdian – Suzhou

-People were right about bargaining especially in tourist areas. I was able to bargain something down to 25% its offered price today.
-canadian hotels should adopt the key-in-slot-for-electricity idea.
1. Save electricity.
2. Prevent misplacing keys.

-this is the most chinese food I’ve had in my life. 5th day straight of meals entirely of chinese cuisine and still counting.
-since when have I become so germaphobic. It’s actually quite stressful to be a germaphobe. Good luck to all of you in conquering your fear.
-going on vacation makes you lose track of time. Took us 5 mins to figure out that it’s Friday.

-Suzhou supposedly has the most beautiful girls in the country because of their beautiful skin.
-Suzhou is such a beautiful, big, and modern city. I love it!

1. Our tour guide buying us green bean popsicles when the heat was getting unbearable.
2. Times square light show

3. Grand Metro hotel – one of the nicest hotels I’ve been to. 6 stars according to the tour guide. Is that even possible?

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