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China Day 3: Shanghai – Hangzhou

Yes. I will start with day 3 because apparently day 1 and 2 consists of travel time and the time difference. Actually, day 2 was notable because we found dinner for less than $2 cad per person! The hotel in shanghai is pretty nice considering they provided us with a ionizing hair dryer! I should really invest in one of these. They’re awesome!

Ok day 3.
Highlight: Sung dynasty musical – with real horses, rain on the audience, moving seats, beautiful performers and extravagant sets, it can’t get any better than this.


Fun facts:
– Hangzhou is supposedly the city with some of the prettiest girls in China.
– you are not supposed to call girls xiao jie here. It means prostitute. Use gu niang instead.
– there are a lot of trees in Hangzhou; hence, 杭州看樹頭
– they have a bixi bike service here! Get on it vancouver!
– umbrellas symbolizes love here stemming from the white snake tale. If someone offers you an umbrella here and you take it, it means you have accepted their love 🙂

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